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Spectra Laser is a laser device designed for the treatment of damaged skin types with many different levels and appropriate for different types of skin .


Safe and suitable for all skin types

Effective immediately

Special treatment for the defects "stubborn " in the conventional methods have failed

May incorporate other techniques to enhance the therapeutic effect

Usually just 3-5 treatments ; remarkably effective treatment right first time

Short treatment time - just 60 minutes ; each treatment separated by only 2-4 weeks

Skin lesions were not common as they are reproduced by chemical

No need downtime , does not require skin care regime especially after treatment .


* Skin Regeneration

Spectra Laser is very effective in skin regeneration , precise layer eliminates damaged cells in the outermost , and deep impact on the inner layer of cells , stimulating the production of collagen and new skin cell regeneration . 
Note : Use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or more indicators when going out after treatment .

*Treat hyperpigmentation : melasma , age spots , freckles
Melasma , age spots , freckles have greatly influenced the aesthetic as usually occurs in the skin on the face and neck , in the form of patches or dark spots . This is due to the dense accumulation of melanin , may have emerged from the moment of birth , but the majority are the lesions of the skin by the action of ultraviolet light exposure to excessive sunlight .

Spectra Laser Laser is the best technique to help melasma , freckles treatment removes stains and pigments . The light emitted is capable of destroying unwanted pigmentation , allowing the color of faded pigment stains

* Acne treatment

Spectra Laser treatment is very effective for all types of acne , acne is inflammation ( pustules ) by :

1. Remove dirt first sealed blisters

2. Inflammatory nodules deflated

3. Cleaning cones of acne

4. Healing skin irritation

5. Narrow pores

6. Shrink the sebaceous glands : secretion of mucus dropped to 30 % immediately after the first treatment

7. Kill bacteria that cause acne .
  •  tighten pores
Pores are more or less an extension of the hair follicles in the skin's surface and plays an important role in the physiological activity of the skin . When the outer epidermis skin layers thicken and lose elasticity inside , pores will become increasingly more visible . Typically , there are three main causes of this phenomenon:

-Excessive mucus secretion

-The lesions of the skin caused by the sun

-Aging .

Pores often accompanied by acne . Dead skin cells , dirt , skin oils secreted by the bacteria and clogged pores, make the size larger pores or cause acne and inflammation . Spectra Laser helps you solved these problems by :

-Reduce the production of sebum on the skin
-Remove the dirt clogging pores
-Stimulates collagen production
-Healing skin irritation and narrow pore size .

After only three treatments , you will feel the tangible results : a skin as newly regenerated , smooth and not greasy.

*Tattoo Removal
Tattoo fad has appeared since ancient times , and over millions of years still prevails to this day , is a symbol of freedom , individuality or to save unforgettable memories . However , sometimes the tattoo becomes no longer suitable and the employer will want to remove them , so demand has removed tattoos became popular.

Spectra Laser is the best option to erase the tattoo wisely , gently , without hurting the surrounding skin and does not leave scars . Further, Spectra Laser can remove the tattoo from simple to complex with many different color combinations that are :

-No pain, no injuries

-No scarring

-High efficiency


Stamford Skin Centre, the treatment will take place extremely quickly and precisely according to a standard procedure.

First, the doctor will conduct counseling sessions inspired leather and meticulous to help customers better understand the condition of the skin, mechanism of action, efficacy, safety and technology, from which guests ... customers will have more certainty base their decisions.

Then, the skin should be treated will be cleaned. Depending on the condition and needs of the customers which doctors will select wavelengths and power levels suitable to move around the area of ​​skin to be treated.

The whole process only lasts about 60 minutes. Skin condition will change significantly immediately after the first treatment and the results will continue to improve in the next time.

regain youthful skin definition with the magic of technology use Spectra Laser! Please call 08 3925 1990 for advice hearted by leading experts and leading reputation in Ho Chi Minh City.



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