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What is Scar Clinic?
The Scar Clinic is the silicone gel sheet to effectively treat scars. When the skin is damaged, the skin collagens lead to abnormal growth and leave colored & discolored bumpy surface. The Scar ClinicTMacts on the scar to restore the flexibility, smooth and undamaged skin surface.

Application of Scar Clinic
Scar Clinic is used for a protruded red or black scar from operation, accident, amputation, burn and trauma of all body regions, including face.

Benefits of Scar Clinic

  • Restores the elasticity of skin
  • Easy application on any region
  • No pain or discomforts related
  • Reduces itching sensation
  • Freely wear clothes
  • Contains 100% Polysiloxane
  • The intergrity of silicone gel maintained for along time

Why  silicone gel sheet?
1. Keloids and Hypertrophic  scars can be prevented by applying Silicone Gel  Sheet. Putting direct pressure on the scars will diminish skin elevation.
2. Increased pressure, hydration, oxygen tension provides optimal environment for scars to heal.
3. Silicone gel sheet produce a static electric field that might have an effect on wound healing.
A hard and bumpy scar becomes soft and smooth, and change the skin tone from dark brown to lighter red in about a month of Scar Clinic treatment. You will see the results within 3-6 days of the treatment for children or a relatively new scar. Scar Clinic closes the scar area to steadily maintain the moisture that acts on the skin to control an abnormal growth of collagen and normalize the tissue arrangement, thereby soften and flatten a hard and bumpy surface of the scar.


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