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Skin replacement cycle

The skin has the ability to renew themselves every day to create a new look. This process known as skin replacement cycle, which took place in the epidermis was between 28-30 days. When you step over the age of 25, this process began to take place slowly causes the accumulation of dead cells on the skin surface longer, impede the emergence of new cell layers. This phenomenon causes problems gradually burns, skin surface roughness, uneven color & shape dull spots on skin pigmentation. This is the beginning of aging.


Living and working environment is an important factor can not be ignored, because we deal with it daily. The abrupt temperature changes cause unstable skin, moisture loss, dry skin than normal processes contribute to skin aging faster.

Diet, rest, sleep

Lack of water, nutrients, causing the skin to weaken, losing vitality. Stress, insomnia causes body imbalances. The skin is where most expression of the consequences of lack of sleep, stress, hormonal changes …


The signs of aging can be seen easily as thinning skin, crow's feet appear folds, sagging subcutaneous fat, make faces shortage plump, exposed cheekbones, the eyes deep indentations.

Skin creams: Creams containing Tretinoin is a vitamin A helps reduce wrinkles and uneven skin color effectively when used regularly.

Botox and fillers: just 15 minute non-surgical injections to reduce wrinkles and grooves help bring a youthful skin without pain and took downtime. Rest assured they are all specialists in STAMFORD DERMATOLOGY CLINIC, accurate diagnosis, treatment safe and effective.

Laser treatments
           +Long Pulse Nd-YAG : is a perfect method to improve skin color, roughness, elasticity, wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation problems occur during the aging process. The main advantage of this method is laser control and limit the extent of skin damage caused by heat and avoid completely the invasion to the skin epidermis. Therefore, this method has no side effects and no prolonged downtime compared to methods using chemical peels (chemical peel) or even other skin rejuvenation methodsnon-invasive.

           +Ultra-Micro Fractional CO2: the latest generation of laser creates significant efficiencies and long term, no side effects. Differential laser technology will remove the excess skin that you accumulate over the years to bring a true skin firmness and vitality, giving you younger than 10 years old.

           +Infini: the most advanced technology uses super metallic gold wrap insulation helps bring superior efficiency in the treatment of skin stretch, recovery and firming skin scarring that causes less pain and downtime compared to the other popular technology. Infini is clinically proven to help stimulate the production of collagen under the skin to reduce wrinkles and skin regeneration, gives a skin smooth and toned. Infini is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a way to improve skin quickly and efficiently with short downtime.


With the full treatment of Stamford Skin Centre with the most modern technology in the world, you do not need to worry too much about the aging phenomenon again, in Stamford, we will return you a fresh face of youth.



Dr. Tom Cuong graduated from the University of Sydney Australiawith degrees in medicine and surgery. He had worked at Westmead hospital, Wollongong hospital and Liverpool hospital in Australia. In 1997, he was appointed ship doctor for the cruise ship P&O Fairstar. In 2001, he was the general director for Columbia Asia Hospital. He then went on to work for various NGO funded healthcare projects, aiming especially at the underprivileged children of Vietnam.

He joined Stamford Skin Centre in 2006. He is especially interested in the clinical treatment of dyspigmentation and acne scars. Dr. Tom Cuong is registered with the Australian Medical Board and the Vietnamese Ministry of Health. He is also a member of various organizations, including: The Australian Medical Association (AMA), The International Society of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons (ISCLS), The International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology(IACD) and The International Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ISDS).




If you have further questions about the treatment of skin aging Skin Center in Stamford. you call directly to Stamford via Hotline (028) 3925 1990 or fill in the consultation form below. You will be advised directly by the doctor and our advisors


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