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*** The Restylane Procedure

The procedure of injecting Restylane into the nose is simple and take about 15 minutes. After a powerful numbing cream is applied, Restylane is injected through a tiny needle into the nose. Patients are free to return home immediately following this nearly pain-free procedure.
The Restylane injection used for non-surgical nose jobs is a clear gel containing hyaluronic acid. This acid occurs naturally in the body. Once inside the body, Restylane works by filling in lines and wrinkles from within the skin. Non-surgical nose jobs using Restylane injections can straighten a curved or asymmetrical nose, smooth out bumps, or change the shape of the nose tip.

*** How Long Does Restylane Last?

Non-surgical nose jobs using Restylane last about six to twelve months. Over time, the body absorbs this filler, and the nose will gradually begin to take on its previous shape. The cost of Restylane nose jobs is about $500 (because this 1ml syringe will only be use on one patient, when ever there are left over from this syringe, it will either be thrown away or it can be use to fill in other defects such as lips or nasal labial folds if you wish). Restylane is among the least expensive ways to change the shape of your nose.
Possible side effects of Restylane nose injections include redness, swelling, bruising, itching, or tenderness in the nose area. These should go away within one to two days. Unlike traditional rhinoplasty, non-surgical nose jobs using injectable treatments do not require bandaging or a significant recovery period. Unlike some other cosmetic filler injections, the materials in Restylane occur naturally in the body, and should not cause allergic reactions. After Restylane injections, patients should avoid laser treatments, chemical peels, and sun exposure, which can cause inflammation or scarring. Despite these risks, Restylane non-surgical nose jobs remain among the safest and easiest ways to reshape the nose.


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