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Laser is the most common method of tattoo removal today. It works by focusing the ink with pulses of highly concentrated light that break the ink into tiny pieces and these pieces are then cleared away the your immune system.

But it is not immediately over with one treatment. With more treatments you will see the effectiveness of laser’s penetrating to destroy the ink. But the more treatments you have the more damages your skin has and this can result in painful blisters and scabs that can eventually lead to scarring.

xoa-xam-lon-vn-1Before and after Tattoo remove

Experts of the removal therapy say that scarring is fractional-sometimes non-existant- by means of advanced technology, but this can change depending on the situation. Except for being physically painful (it has been described as feeling like being spoutted with hot grease) removal through laser is expensive as well. 1-10 sessions may be necessary(it depends on your tattoo).

In removal through laser the dark colored tattoos are thought to be removed harder but in fact the light colored tattoos are hard to remove! And better results are got from the people who have white skin.

It is easier to remove the ordinary and one-colored tattoos than the yellow, red, green ones. Removal therapy of these colored tattoos can be painful and harmful to the skin, so the treatment can’t be completed.

The important point in removal through laser is how much deep inside is the tattoo ink. Because the deeper reaches the laser light, the less effect it has. The area where the tattoo is done plays an important role. For example working on the areas on face and neck is easier, because on these areas can be worked with intense energy and because these areas recover in a short time. The more moving away from the face area the harder the removal becomes.

As stated above, the tattoo removal through laser may not give the %100 results with every tattoo.



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