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Technology has transformed all aspects of our life, from communication with the mobile phone to medicine. We now have the ability to reverse the appearance of our aging skin. 
 ​PICO TIGHT harness the power of Focus Pico Laser to transform your skin from old and sagging to tight and firm, fresh looking young skin. 


As we age, all structures within our skin breaks down and collapse resulting in aging skin that contains fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and hence the tired appearance.
Pico Tight treatment uses the revolutionary Pico second laser in fractional mode to precisely stimulate the deeper layer of our skin to renew itself and create more collagen, fibrogen and connective tissue to tighten the skin, improve blood flow to give it a tight and fresh looking skin.

 Pico laser is the latest advancement in laser technology. It is laser beam that compressed to one trillion of a second (thats one million of one million of a second). It is extreme precision. 

By precisely target the deeper structure of our skin without damaging neighbouring tissue, it reduces side effect and increase the effectiveness of the treatment. It force the skin to tighten up and will greatly increase the amount of collagen. 

Treatment take about one hour with no downtime. You will feel the difference within one week and your skin will continue to improve over the next few months.
Formore information, contact Stamford Skin Centre.


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