Dr. Mark Siefring is an American physician and licensed Dermatologist in Vietnam.  He has been in practice in Vietnam for nearly 16 years, and been working with Stamford Skin Centre for the last 9 years.  He has earned many degrees within the field of Dermatology, particularly Skin Cancer.  He has worked in several International Clinics within Vietnam.  He is accredited by the Skin Cancer College of Australasia(SCCA).

His Dermatology Degrees and Diplomas include; Masters Degree in Medicine in Skin Cancer from the University of Queensland(Australia), Diploma of Practical Dermatology from Cardiff University(U.K), and Diploma in Dermoscopy from Graz Medicine University(Asutria).

Dr. Mark graduated from the University of Louisville School of Medicine in the USA in 1995 and then went on for training in Internal Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.  Dr. Mark thus has quite broad experience crossing multiple fields.

In terms of Skin Cancer Screening, Dr. Mark Siefring, utilizes Dermoscopy and Digital Dermoscopic imaging to evaluate skin lesions that may be suspicious for skin cancers like Melanoma, Squamous Cell Cancer, and Basal Cell Skin Cancer.  Using this technique, which is analogous to placing a microscope on the skin to examine a lesion, many benign lesions that look odd or suspicious can be clearly recognized through patterns on Dermoscopy that show them to be benign, which reduces the number of unnecessary skin biopsies and skin surgeries, while the technique allows for the early recognition of those patterns that are consistent with the various skin cancers and thus to biopsy them sooner before they have grown or advanced.

In addition, Dr. Mark Siefring is a broadly experienced general dermatologist at Stamford Skin Centre.  Dr. Mark Siefring has extensive experience within the Field of Aesthetic Medicine, performing procedures like Botox, Dysport, Restylane, and the use of Laser modalities in the treatment of Nail Fungal Infection, Hair Removal, Tattoo Removal, and Skin Rejuvenation.

Dr. Mark’s approach to Skin Disease and Conditions is one of both objective and subjective measurement.  For many conditions like Acne, Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis, and many other troubling recurrent and/or chronic skin conditions pre-treatment photos are taken in the initial evaluation and kept as an objective measurement of the state of the patient’s skin prior to treatment, and compared in follow-up after treatment. Although many skin conditions may improve significantly on some objective scale, many patients may still feel troubled and feel psychosocial limitations due to possible remaining skin symptoms.  Many of Dr. Mark’s patients are assessed with validated and proven Dermatology Quality of Life Surveys to provide the most important measuring stick in evaluating progress for his patients; how does each patient feel individually in terms of their progress?  Do they feel their quality of life has improved?  Do they feel they have gained adequate control and resolution of their skin symptoms?  This is very important.

In every approach Dr. Mark Siefring does his best to follow the motto “Primum Non Nocere” which is to say; First, Do No Harm.
Published articles by Dr Mark: http://casereports.bmj.com/content/2018/bcr-2017-222645.full?keytype=ref&ijkey=19I9j0Xzf31yEXh
Licenses/Board Certifications:
Vietnam Practice License; Dermatology; 002085
Hawaii State Medical Licensure: MD-11649
Kentucky State Medical Licensure: KY-34079
American Board of Internal Medicine Certified; 2010-2020

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